Marc A. Pitman

Why I am serving on the Board: I am honored to be serving on the Board because ICF matters. Coaches best know how to help fellow coaches deliver excellent service to clients. In the almost two decades that I’ve been a coach, I’ve seen the ICF standards, credentialing, and ongoing education raise the bar in the entire coaching sector. Also, I love helping coaches connect with other coaches. We are better ourselves when we grow in relationship with each other.

Fun Fact: Fun fact: I love brewing my own beer and am on my way to my second level of Cicerone certification, the “sommelier” equivalent for beer.

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Mariam Kaldas, PCC
Past President

Why I am serving on the Board: I started the ICF South Carolina Chapter because I was keen on connecting with other South Carolina-based coaches to share best practices, resources, and success. I am passionate about serving our local communities, organizations, and our state through the profession of coaching. I envision ICF-SC as means to support  South Carolina coaches and businesses in communicating the benefits of professional coaching to their clients and organizations. My contributions to the board are my leadership, commitment, and drive to spread the word about Chapter activities, community events, and the overall benefits of being involved in with the ICF both locally and globally.

Fun Fact: I have a love for travel that has taken me to over 45 countries and still counting!

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Tim Gott

Why I am serving on the Board: I joined the board as treasurer because I wanted to contribute to an organization that has come to be very important to me. ICF-SC serves as my major connection to a community of others. Being semi-retired, I have been looking for a network where I can find have fellowship with my peers. In the past year, ICF-SC has met that need substantially.

Fun Fact: I am an amateur juggler. Maybe even professional since I have had two paid gigs over the year.

Temple Robinson
Director of Membership

Why am I serving on the board?  I am on the board because I believe in supporting and contributing to the coaching profession.  Given that we have a significant impact on people and in our communities, I seek opportunities to support other coaches in their pursuit of fulfilling their dreams of becoming the consummate coach.  As the membership chair, it is invigorating to meet and interact with our membership to learn why they became a coach and how ICF-SC can assist in creating quality relationships that add value to our professional lives.  In addition, it is important to me to stay connected to other coaches to so that we can continue to have conversation about how we can advance the profession to have a significant impact in South Carolina.  Through our collective efforts, we have the power to transform our world!

Fun Fact: I recently took up the hobby of acting and was in a murder mystery.  I had a very small part and was on stage twice. My total time on stage was five minutes.  Each of the other characters had much more time on stage.  During intermission, the audience was asked who killed the main character and half the audience said it was me! My performance was so strong, that I was the talk of the community!

Dan Quinn, PCC

Director of Programs

Why I am serving on the Board: I joined the ICF Low Country Chapter upon inception and served as a passive member - meaning I attended events when convenient which was almost never. During Covid I joined a small group at Nixon's deli for lunch and was amazed at the talent, experience, and synergy I experienced from our impromptu group. That meetup progresses into an opportunity with the Charleston PD and then discussions throughout the state on how to utilize and maximize Coaching further. Although I stay busy with my full time work, I also enjoy serving in leadership and influential roles. I find myself more committed, engage and passionate when I belong to a cause and also serve from a leadership capacity. Also, I opted to serve as I was asked by a trusted friend. This will be a great year ahead and I look forward to some amazing events, fellowship and learning.

Fun Fact: I have had the opportunity to train & coach in every state & territory with the exception of Maine.

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Toya Y. Moore

Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion,

Belonging, and Justice (DEIBJ)

Why I'm serving on the Board:  I attended a training in another state, and they brought in the ICF chapter to talk about the benefits of membership and the good they were doing, not just for the coaching practitioners, but for the community in general.  I immediately found the SC Chapter and joined.  I watched and attended virtual sessions for a few months.  I was inspired by the work SC-ICF has done to help coaching practitioners across the state, as well as the commitment to the overall community,   I decided to be a part of the leadership team so that I can contribute to some of that goodness.  

Fun Fact:  I have a golden Microphone that I carry in my purse/bag.  You know, in case of emergencies.  


Director of  Marketing and CommunicationsDirector of Partnerships and Sponsorships

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